Byron Cherry

Byron was raised in Atlanta, GA, and graduated from North Side High School in the 70's. After winning a scholarship to East Tennessee State University he played football as a running back with his big brother, Nat. 

After three years of college football, Byron decided to pursue acting. He enrolled in film school at Georgia State University, Atlanta. One day while walking by the student center he was approached by a casting agent working on a TV commercial. He was told that he had "the look" that she needed. Byron thought she had to be kidding. But it was that easy. He got the part!

In 1983 he auditioned for the Hit TV Series The Dukes of Hazzard, where he landed the lead role as Coy Duke, and the rest is history.

The Dukes of Hazzard has become one of the most popular TV shows in the world and still has a worldwide following to this day. 

Byron went on to do numerous shows such as Murder She Wrote, In The Heat Of The Night, Vietnam WAR stories { A Mini Series) and various TV commercials and guest spots on numerous talk shows. He also became the spokesperson for the American Cancer Society.

Byron now lives in California with his beautiful wife, Krista, and their two kids.

Just like he did in Hazzard County, Byron is still "straightening the curves and flattening the hills." He continues to travel year round making appearances both nationally and abroad at Car Shows, Charity Benefits and Various Concerts and Events.

Byron really enjoys getting out and meeting the Dukes fans. He travels with his own photos to autograph, as well as his own hats and specially made "Coy Duke" t-shirts and tank tops in assorted sizes to fit men, women and children of all ages.

He also has been known to autograph various car parts on fan owned General Lees.

Visit Byron's official website at or his IMDB profile for more info!


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If you are interested in Mr. Cherry for a personal appearance, make sure that you are affiliated with a well-established convention company. Please no weddings, funerals, store openings, proms, etc.

If you would like to hire Mr. Cherry as an actor, please make sure that your project is fully funded, planned, and a legitimate shooting schedule exists. No exceptions. SAG and Independent both. 

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